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The greater the assets of a family, the more necessary it becomes to dedicate resources, time and expertise, to the professional management of all family assets and assets.

Whether you own one or more family businesses, or if you have sold them, the relevant issue is that your family has a lot of assets that, obviously, must be managed based on a strategy that meets certain requirements: preserving all the assets and assets, enhance the heritage thinking of the next generations and maintain family values ​​and principles.

The daily work of the family office of a large family business involves a certain level of legal and tax advice; asset management and planning in the short and long term; the implementation and administration of structures such as trusts, foundations, life insurance and corporate entities; and the planning of inheritance assets, always seeking the preservation of assets to make a correct transfer to the next generation.

Although a family office always tends to increase the control and supervision of the family’s economic activity and is at the service of strategic planning for the preservation, growth and future transfer of the family heritage, it should be remembered that the range and scope of services of a family office are linked to the specific needs and patrimonial mindset of each family and family business.


Capital preservation seeking profitability from leadership, financial security, risk analysis and management. 360 ° sustainability.


We believe in the business world and seek profitability not only in regulated markets, but also in productive companies.

Services and Products

  • Family Office mandate for advice on the globality of clients’ assets.
  • Family strategic planning consulting projects.
  • Advice and support in the construction of a Single Family Office.
  • Diagnosis of the patrimonial situation.
  • Family business government
  • Consolidated information
  • Concierge service
  • Philanthropy
  • Art advice