Optimo Investing Representation and applies the global strategies that are best suited to the situation situation of its customers are customers. This includes that they focus heavily on the same experts in their own wealth management as well as legal and tax technology. We have access to international powers to structure and manage relationships.

Banking services and administration

  • Investment advice
  • Discretionary management
  • Traditional banking services
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Lombard loans
  • Operating room and structured products
  • Private equity / real estate
  • Alternative complaints

Wealth management

This is the case where it is possible to use them.

International investment management is for many people. This is a special perception because of your results. With your will, the Relationship Manager will use his investment experience and knowledge to help you design a portfolio that is your own and your investment goals and vision for the future exactly.

Private banking

The rights that await you – with the attention you deserve.

Here you have access to the entire portfolio of heard private banking rights, the rights to save time and effort.

Heritage and trust structuring

The future comes in two ways: slowly and then suddenly.

If you own international property and property, you need to take care of how you can flexibly and flexibly have your rights and equity goals. Our wealth structuring and trust services provide families and personal personal rights that belong to their personal rights.

Investment finance

We also offer a range of financial solutions that are through your portfolios and trust so you have the opportunity to have your liquidity needs flexible. Our core solutions interest Lombard loans and mortgages.